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What We Do

Baymax GmbH is a medical technology company and focuses on health field. Founded in 2018, Baymax is committed to multiple channel health care supplier, providing high quality personalized care to our customers.

one-Stop service

Providing one-Stop service for European companies to explore the Chinese market, including clinical trials, quality certification, patent application, market promotion, etc.


Developing and maintaining our own APP, which is a multifunctional heath care platform and innovative social media, resulting in enhanced patient -doctor- communication,personalized nutrition advice, holding sports meeting and prompt problem solving.


Promoting medical resources exchange between China and Europe, including barrierless hospitalization aboard and professional medical knowledge exchange.

Purchasing & selling

Purchasing and selling health products and devices, containing testing devices, portable smart terminals, health food and dietary supplement, etc.

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Our services

Smart equipments

With our wearable smart equipment, the customers could monitor the health indicator of the bodies in real-time, such as blood glucose, blood pressure, heartbeat, body temperature etc.

Health data analysis

With help of AI, the platform could give our customers the suggestion of health management via analysis of health indicator. Our customers could receive the reports of health and follow the suggestion to keep health.

Health consultation

We have also professional doctors to provide the consultation of health face to face or by remote video chat. Your health is our duty.

Medical research

With good cooperation with the medical institutions in China, we could also connect our business partner in Europe with Chinese medical institutions to research and develop new medical technologies together.

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